Keeping tabs on the jokers

Users of the Likeable Engine will note we often add new sites to the index. This happens as we become aware of major publishers we have left out for no good reason, or more rarely as new sites gain readers and impetus. Likeable now indexes stories on 122 legitimate news sources. A technical refresher: that […]

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Hello Vera

Occasionally we like to surprise readers with a post. Four months since Hal revealed the real story behind the jumpers for penguins on Phillip Island, an encounter with a Channel Nine personality has brought the Share Wars bear out of hibernation. This post documents only a small part of the encounter, one that reveals a kind-of-secret history […]

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(photo Phillip Island Nature Parks)

Penguins in jumpers blow records out of the water

The most shared Australian news story known to Share Wars is a local ABC radio piece about little penguins needing little jumpers to save them from oil spills. It was published in March, but we only recently detected it as a massive blip on the Likeable radar. The story is a classic that fits at […]

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Hero cat takes news sharing gold

Dom has implemented a new filter on Likeable that automatically returns the top ten shared Australian* stories for the month. The filter is not yet publicly available but we will look at releasing it after we have ironed out a few kinks. What the May leaderboard shows is that the Australian sharing market remains remarkably […]

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The Likeable Engine on the day Harold Ramis died.

Mumbrella looks at the Likeable Engine

Mumbrella did a great story on the Likeable Engine recently focussing on how people share news of celebrity deaths. We’re pretty sure people do not share these stories for macabre reasons. We think they’re shared to mark the moment, as a tribute to the dead star and sometimes an era they defined in some way. Check out Mumbrella’s story here.   […]

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The Likeable Engine, free for the world

We’re big on sharing our findings here at Share Wars. Yet one of the things we’ve kept to ourselves is our data-collecting beast: the Likeable Engine. The Likeable Engine tracks the social sharing of news articles from around the globe in real time. It has spent the past two years working tirelessly, scanning news websites […]

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Screenshot 2013-11-29 08.33.17

Share counts on big stories get seriously big

The Likeable engine is up and running again, collecting stories and their share counts from around the world, and a brief look at the November shows that numbers on US sites have gone through the roof. Eighteen months ago, in our first collection period, the most shared story of the period had a sharecount (Facebook […]

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Share Wars on Radio National

An audio interview with Hal Crawford on how journalism is full of lazy thinking and why the audience is always right. With Richard Aedy on the ABC’s Media Report. Listen here.  

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Share Wars for the Walkley Foundation

Here is the ultimate Share Wars listicle – 10 things you need to know about sharing stories – written for the Walkley Foundation magazine/site. It pretty well sums up the project to date in 10 action-packed paragraphs. Read it here.

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Only fools ignore data

The following is the script of a speech Hal Crawford gave at a lunch for the judges of the Walkley Awards on Friday, 11 October. “Chris” refers to the federal secretary of the Media Alliance, Christopher Warren. As Chris mentioned, we started a project to study the most shareable news stories in the world. I’ll […]

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