Share Wars at The Walkley Foundation

Team Share Wars recently discussed our new book All Your Friends Like This at the Walkley Foundation’s “Future Fridays” event in Sydney. In the crowd, among others, were Twitter’s Flip Prior, Buzzfeed Australia Editor Simon Crerar, Matthew da Silva — who wrote one of the first reviews of the book, and Walkley’s program manager Clare Fletcher. There was also […]

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Team SW at Abbey's Bookshop in Sydney last week.

Abbey’s reviews ‘All Your Friends Like This’

A nice overview of the book here by Craig Kirchner at Abbey’s Bookshop. Craig suggests “Tribing” as an alternative to “Teaming” as one of our three sharing motivations. Not a bad idea and one we briefly considered. Long-time Share Wars fans would remember “Teaming” was once “Norming”. Each of these words describes the territory we’re […]

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‘All Your Friends Like This’ on Radio National

Hal and Dom discuss the book with Richard Aedy on Radio National’s ‘Media Report’. Listen here.

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Share Wars NIT classification.

Stan Grant delivers the sharing Goodes

Stories about Adam Goodes have dominated sharing in a way we rarely see. According to the Likeable Engine, Goodes stories accounted for a third of total shares from the 100 most-shared Australian stories in a 10-day period from July 24. None was more shared than Stan Grant’s quiet but powerful interpretation of the booing controversy. Grant’s […]

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Mick Fanning and the attack of the sharers

Mick Fanning’s infamous encounter with a shark at Jeffreys Bay was among the most shared news stories on the planet last week. The graphic below shows the birth of the viral phenomenon. It’s taken from our Likeable Engine software that tracks the sharing of news stories on social media. Each line on the graph represents a single article as it amasses Facebook […]

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*Likeable Engine

Anti-vaccination stories fire up Facebook, Twitter

The Share Wars team’s analysis of thousands of stories shows about 60% of sharing activity on news sites is generated by people passing judgement on others or taking a stand on an issue. We call this behaviour “Norming”. Norming is a term we borrowed from sociology that describes the creation and reinforcement of group identity […]

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Homepage graphs reveal social approach

Our analysis of the shareability of articles on the world’s leading news sites has revealed distinct profiles that reflect different editorial strategies. The most striking example is Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed’s content is created to share. And this core purpose is evident in the shape of the graph below. The graph shows the share counts of all stories published […]

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Keeping tabs on the jokers

Users of the Likeable Engine will note we often add new sites to the index. This happens as we become aware of major publishers we have left out for no good reason, or more rarely as new sites gain readers and impetus. Likeable now indexes stories on 122 legitimate news sources. A technical refresher: that […]

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Hello Vera

Occasionally we like to surprise readers with a post. Four months since Hal revealed the real story behind the jumpers for penguins on Phillip Island, an encounter with a Channel Nine personality has brought the Share Wars bear out of hibernation. This post documents only a small part of the encounter, one that reveals a kind-of-secret history […]

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(photo Phillip Island Nature Parks)

Penguins in jumpers blow records out of the water

The most shared Australian news story known to Share Wars is a local ABC radio piece about little penguins needing little jumpers to save them from oil spills. It was published in March, but we only recently detected it as a massive blip on the Likeable radar. The story is a classic that fits at […]

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