The Likeable interface

Where’s the Likeable Engine?

You might have noticed that the Likeable Engine – our tracking software that monitors the sharing of news stories on Facebook – is no longer publicly available. From now, its url will resolve to the Share Wars front page. Likeable will continue to operate in the background, scanning 150 news sites every 15 minutes, but the results will no […]

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Women rule a man’s world

Who are more newsworthy, men or women? Gut feel says that men are probably the more regular protagonists of front-page news and would therefore be, by one measure at least, more “newsworthy”. But the real answer lies in the data — in this case, more than 1 million headlines the Likeable Engine harvested from Australian news sites in 2015. Our analysis of this enormous data set shows that ‘Man’ […]

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What was the most shared word of 2015?

Were you appalled by the executions of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran or did you feel justice was done? Are you for or against the death penalty? These are not questions that leave us on the fence. One way or the other, Australians cared deeply about the fate of their two countrymen put to death for […]

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What happened to all the Likes?

On November 22, the Likeable Engine stopped reporting sharing counts to the public. Regular users were unable to see the globally trending stories across the nearly 150 news websites that are tracked. So what happened? The Likeable Engine relies on data supplied by the Facebook and Twitter APIs (APIs define the way in which one website communicates with […]

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Pulse check on the Hoaxers

In January this year the Share Wars team began tracking 14 satire news sites with the Likeable Engine. These sites included satirical giants such as the Onion and the darker variety of fake-news pundits, like the National Report, whose articles seemed to represent themselves as factual. Andy wrote about the dodgy sites in The Hoaxers […]

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Share Wars at The Walkley Foundation

Team Share Wars recently discussed our new book All Your Friends Like This at the Walkley Foundation’s “Future Fridays” event in Sydney. In the crowd, among others, were Twitter’s Flip Prior, Buzzfeed Australia Editor Simon Crerar, Matthew da Silva — who wrote one of the first reviews of the book, and Walkley’s program manager Clare Fletcher. There was also […]

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Team SW at Abbey's Bookshop in Sydney last week.

Abbey’s reviews ‘All Your Friends Like This’

A nice overview of the book here by Craig Kirchner at Abbey’s Bookshop. Craig suggests “Tribing” as an alternative to “Teaming” as one of our three sharing motivations. Not a bad idea and one we briefly considered. Long-time Share Wars fans would remember “Teaming” was once “Norming”. Each of these words describes the territory we’re […]

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‘All Your Friends Like This’ on Radio National

Hal and Dom discuss the book with Richard Aedy on Radio National’s ‘Media Report’. Listen here.

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Share Wars NIT classification.

Stan Grant delivers the sharing Goodes

Stories about Adam Goodes have dominated sharing in a way we rarely see. According to the Likeable Engine, Goodes stories accounted for a third of total shares from the 100 most-shared Australian stories in a 10-day period from July 24. None was more shared than Stan Grant’s quiet but powerful interpretation of the booing controversy. Grant’s […]

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Mick Fanning and the attack of the sharers

Mick Fanning’s infamous encounter with a shark at Jeffreys Bay was among the most shared news stories on the planet last week. The graphic below shows the birth of the viral phenomenon. It’s taken from our Likeable Engine software that tracks the sharing of news stories on social media. Each line on the graph represents a single article as it amasses Facebook […]

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