Most-shared stories – Weds, Dec 14, 2011

We’re changing things up today. Rather than list the five most-shared news articles from around the world, we’re listing a selection of the more interesting stories trending on Share Wars Likeable Engine. Today, the first three stories are gaining fast and No.s 4 and 5 are trending at a slower rate but caught our eye nonetheless.

  1. NTSB: Ban cell phone use while driving (CNN)
  2. Female splits up ‘gay’ penguins (BBC)
  3. Scientists find signs of missing ‘God particle’ (Times of India)
  4. Saudi woman beheaded for ‘witchcraft’ (CNN)
  5. Facebook offers counselling to suicidal users (The Telegraph)
Andrew Hunter

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Andrew Hunter is Editor-in-Chief of Microsoft's MSN. Twitter: @Huntzie

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