Most-shared Australian stories last week

Wagga Wagga spiders

Web stars ... Wagga Wagga's spiders topped the share list.

Last week’s most-shared stories list saw a cluster of industrious spiders from Wagga Wagga trump the social media phenomenon of the year, Kony 2012.

Awe is a powerful force in sharing land. We know from Berger and Milkman’s work that a feeling of wonder compels people to share.

The tiny spiders that spun web blankets across flood-drenched Wagga Wagga were awe-inspiring.  And awesome … as the floodwaters rose, the spiders left for higher ground by riding their thick silk webs like parachutes.

Cute animals behaving like humans is another sharing banker and the story about the orphaned sloths in their pyjamas lived up to its promise.

  1. In pictures: Field of webs  (ninemsn)
  2. Spiders spin wet blanket over Wagga Wagga (
  3. What is KONY 2012? The answer will disturb you      (
  4. Make      Kony Famous (
  5. Kony 2012 sheds light on Uganda conflict (ninemsn)
  6. Flood-stricken spiders weave sea of webs (ninemsn)
  7. Orphaned sloths get pyjama treatment (ninemsn)
  8. KONY      2012 cops criticism for cashing in (Herald Sun)
  9. Australian support amasses for Kony 2012 (ninemsn)
  10. Get Kony: is there more to viral film? (

This list is compiled using data from the top 12 Australian digital news mastheads, as indexed by the Share Wars engine. Currently Yahoo!7 is not indexed for technical reasons – this will be fixed in coming weeks.

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