Facebook v Twitter

We need to talk about Twitter.  Specifically, we need to talk about the relative power of Twitter and Facebook.

The graph below totals all shares of 260,000-odd stories published to Australian news sites and it paints a stark picture.

In the Share Wars, Facebook is the weapon to master.

Twitter v Facebook Australian news site social media sharing.

 While Twitter is obviously influential, particularly among media and newsmakers, its referral power is dwarfed by Facebook, or, more accurately, was dwarfed by Facebook during our data capture period of March-June 2012. We suspect things have evened out a little since  – as we’re noticing fewer overall referrals coming from Facebook – something we’ll report on after our next data capture later this year.

Our data set includes stories shared from 11 Australian news sites. Breaking it down by site shows some interesting deviations.  As you can see, Twitter delivered double the norm for the Fairfax mastheads and under indexed on news.com.au and ninemsn.

Twitter_FB_sitesThe Twittersphere evidently prefers distributing broadsheet and ABC content to the more tabloid stories on ninemsn and news.com.au.

But it’s different with Facebook as we’ll reveal in our next post.

Andrew Hunter

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Andrew Hunter is Editor-in-Chief of Microsoft's MSN. Twitter: @Huntzie

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