Share Wars at The Walkley Foundation

Team Share Wars recently discussed our new book All Your Friends Like This at the Walkley Foundation’s “Future Fridays” event in Sydney.

In the crowd, among others, were Twitter’s Flip Prior, Buzzfeed Australia Editor Simon Crerar, Matthew da Silva — who wrote one of the first reviews of the book, and Walkley’s program manager Clare Fletcher.

There was also a smattering of other working journalists and academics present, some who refused to sip the Share Wars Kool Aid.

A couple even questioned the value of the social signal in news — an idea Hal condemned as a virus that should be eliminated from all newsrooms.

Things escalated from there.

Anyway, this is us beforehand …

Soon it was on … and Hal hit the room with his SENT bomb (a story that is Simple, Emotional, New and Triggered is more likely to be shared). Boom!

Then Dom talked about the development of the Likeable Engine. Check out the slide below for an insight into how he sees his Share Wars colleagues, as well as what happens when developers do Powerpoint.



Dom also showed the original sketch of the Likeable Engine he jotted on a notepad back in 2011. The software architecture is quite different to this these days.


Then I talked about our three motivations for sharing (Newsbreaking, Inspiring and Teaming) which didn’t generate anywhere near as much excitement as the formula for creating fake news for sharing. The Walkleys dubbed rule No.3 the mullet rule.

Incidentally, these tips on news fakery come directly from Allen Montgomery, editor of National Report and master of fake news creation. More on him in the book.

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