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Hal Crawford is ninemsn's Editor-in-Chief. He began his career at The West Australian newspaper and has taught journalism at La Trobe University in Melbourne. Twitter: @halcrawford

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This awesome boy made $11,000 for his dad

How to make contagious content

We have been investigating the essence of shareability in news content for just over a year. After collecting data on a lot of shared content, both within ninemsn and from other publishers, we have developed certain rules of thumb for shareable content creation. We do not claim to have a single, consistent recipe for creating […]

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Flying dead cat

First pass at big data

The data collection part of the Share Wars project is over – we have a vast pile of numbers. All the articles published on the homepages of 119 international news sites over three months, tracked by social sharing through time. There are 19 million data points. Now we have to make sense of it. I’m […]

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Mi9 (formerly ninemsn) chief Mark Britt

The real Mark Britt article is here

  For all those who clicked on “Four key trends to be watching” in the Mumbrella newsletter: this is where you wanted to go.    

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Combination of loyal owner and stuck horse was dynamite

Most-shared Australian stories this week

The tendency of social networks to promote themselves is seen clearly in this week’s most shared stories from Australian publishers. Stories about Facebook changing conditions of service, or intruding on privacy, always do well. Google’s pervasive use also guarantees it a top spot. One of the most interesting stories in this list is news.com.au’s “Meet the […]

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A classic reverse: a frog hitches a ride on a snake

The reverse

Around a third of ninemsn’s most shared stories of the last year contain “a reverse”: a situation where the opposite of the expected has occurred. There’s nothing deep or mysterious about the reverse. It appears in traditional journalism – “man bites dog” – and has a power that enhances all types of factual storytelling. Think […]

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This creature was found 7km under the ocean's surface

Most-shared stories, Fri, Feb 3, 2012

Here’s a selection of the top trending stories today from the Share Wars Engine. State Senate approves gay marriage bill  (Seattle Times) City Room: Bloomberg to Give $250,000 to Planned Parenthood (New York Times) ‘Supergiant’ found in deepest sea (BBC) Status update: Facebook to go public, raise $5B  (Yahoo) Happy Birthday, Ayn Rand — Why […]

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Welcome to "breading"

Most-shared stories, Thu, Feb 2, 2012

Here’s a selection of the top trending stories today from the Share Wars Engine. McDonald’s drops use of gooey ‘pink slime’ in meat  (MSNBC) Gingrich security harasses Paul supporter: Scenes from the primary (Yahoo) Hot New Internet Meme: ‘Breading’ Cats [The Internet] (Gawker) Op-Ed Contributor: Pregnant, and Pushed Out of a Job  (New York Times) […]

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A UK supermarket chain has renamed tiger bread

Most-shared stories, Wed, Feb 1, 2012

Here’s a selection of the top trending stories today from the Share Wars Engine. Iconic skier’s death points out US health gap  (MSNBC) Sainsbury’s rebrands tiger bread (BBC) The 46 Types Of People On Facebook (Buzzfeed) Couple rock reception with choreographed routine  (ninemsn) Jail for man who attacked police with light sabers (Yahoo)

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The splendid library at Columbia University

Anti-social networking and the madness of New York

The best speaker at Columbia University’s recent Social Media Weekend in New York was a photographer who didn’t seem to care much about social media at all. Rick Smolan, the man behind the “Day in a Life” series of photographic books from the 1980s, displayed a kind of laid-back sincerity that in the context of […]

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Kubrick's The Shining gets interpreted by the NYT

Most-shared stories – Tues, Jan 31, 2012

Here’s a selection of the top trending stories today from the Share Wars Engine. British tourists arrested in America on terror charges over Twitter jokes  (Daily Mail) University tuition fees list (BBC) Jury finds Afghan family guilty in honor killings (Yahoo) Arts & Leisure: ‘Room 237,’ Documentary With Theories About ‘The Shining’  (New York Times) Study: […]

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