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Hal Crawford is ninemsn's Editor-in-Chief. He began his career at The West Australian newspaper and has taught journalism at La Trobe University in Melbourne. Twitter: @halcrawford

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Robin Lim was named CNN Hero of the Year

Most shared stories, Tue, Dec 13, 2011

Here are the most shared stories overnight (Australian time) using Share Wars Likeable Engine: ‘Mother Robin’ wins CNN Hero of the Year (CNN) Depression and Democracy (New York Times) Why Are Anti-Christian Bigots So Eager to Prey On Tim Tebow? (Fox News) Customers cautioned on JB Hi-Fi Facebook scam (News.com.au) US asks Iran to return captured […]

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Likeable engine report

Introducing the Likeable engine

One of the key planks of the Share Wars project is that sharing through social networks changes news media by passing stories through a personal filter. Only stories that people want to share make it through that filter and benefit from the massive power of social networks as a distribution channel. As social networks become […]

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The Telegraph newsroom

Why ‘quality journalism’ should be left to die

This article first appeared in media and marketing blog Mumbrella. The print media inquiry, announced last week, is a bad idea. And it hasn’t been pilloried quite as much as it deserves. This is from the press release: “The Australian government believes it is incumbent upon government to ensure regulatory processes and industry structures are sufficiently […]

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Four points from Yury Lifshits

Four points from Yury Lifshits

We have been in contact with Yury Lifshits, the author of the Yahoo! Labs Ediscope paper, who is now in Russia working on not one but four new non-Yahoo projects. Unfortunately none of those involve social analytics, so our earlier hypothesis that an excess of tech investment money caused Ediscope to shrivel on the vine […]

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The loyal dog of the Japanese tsunami

Loyal dogs = engaged readers

The image of the dead soldier’s dog lying by its master’s coffin, heaving deep sighs, is one that’s going to be with us for a while. The story broke on Thursday. Navy Seal Jon Tumilson died in the Chinook chopper downing that killed 37 other American personnel in the most deadly single incident of the […]

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Cover of Raymond Chandler's Pick-up on Noon Street

James Gleick, The Information and good stories

“Information implies surprise.” One evening in 1955 Claude Shannon walked to the bookshelf, pulled out a book and read an incomplete sentence to his wife. The sentence was “A small oblong reading lamp on the -” and the book was “Pickup on Noon Street”, by Raymond Chandler. His wife had to guess the next letters […]

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Yury Lifshits and the short life of Ediscope

Yury Lifshits and the short life of Ediscope

The “foundation links” in the right-hand column are pieces of research or thinking we consider central to the Share Wars project. At the moment we have only four links, and one of them is Yury Lifshits’s Ediscope project. “Ediscope” has a whiff of the Alexander Graham Bells about it. The idea was to create a system, […]

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Why Share Wars?

It is commonplace in digital news media to talk about social networking. In fact, no one gives it the full name anymore – it’s just “social”. “What are you doing in social?” “Social is our emphasis this year”, and so forth. The most meaningful result of all this talk has been the adoption of Facebook […]

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