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Still from Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on the brain

The Share Wars team faces two big challenges as it continues to analyse the data capture from last year. First, the practicalities of getting our arms (and heads) around a data set of several million stories has tested our Excel “skills” and the processing power of Excel itself. Even more challenging has been the development […]

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Who is the ‘share-est’ of them all?

This project is called Share Wars because we believe social media sharing is the main battlefront in the war for audiences of digital content. Whoever wins the “sharing battle” will win the war for eyeballs. For now, most Australian news organisations get more traffic from Google than Facebook but the gap is closing. Facebook traffic […]

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kepler 22-b

Most shared stories – Weds, Dec 7, 2011

Today is the first day we’re revealing the most shared international news stories overnight, using Share Wars’ Likeable Engine. Here’s what’s been doing the business overnight (Australian time). 1. Earth 2.0: Astronomers confirm earth ‘twin’  (BBC)* 2. Astronomers find biggest black hole yet  (New York Times) 3. BP: Halliburton intentionally destroyed evidence (CNN) 4. Iran’s […]

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A dog is painted as a baby giant panda at Dahe Mincui Park in Zhengzhou, Henan Province of China.

Parents suck, pass it on

Facebook’s most-shared list for US news in 2011 is a mix of the quirky, awe-inspiring and shocking. It’s the same sort of material we’ve seen shared at ninemsn this year: tsunami pictures, loyal dogs, tributes to Steve Jobs, stories about Facebook and bizarre weather events. What we have not seen in our study of ninemsn […]

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Likeable engine report

Introducing the Likeable engine

One of the key planks of the Share Wars project is that sharing through social networks changes news media by passing stories through a personal filter. Only stories that people want to share make it through that filter and benefit from the massive power of social networks as a distribution channel. As social networks become […]

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