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What was the most shared word of 2015?

Were you appalled by the executions of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran or did you feel justice was done? Are you for or against the death penalty? These are not questions that leave us on the fence. One way or the other, Australians cared deeply about the fate of their two countrymen put to death for […]

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Share Wars at The Walkley Foundation

Team Share Wars recently discussed our new book All Your Friends Like This at the Walkley Foundation’s “Future Fridays” event in Sydney. In the crowd, among others, were Twitter’s Flip Prior, Buzzfeed Australia Editor Simon Crerar, Matthew da Silva — who wrote one of the first reviews of the book, and Walkley’s program manager Clare Fletcher. There was also […]

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‘All Your Friends Like This’ on Radio National

Hal and Dom discuss the book with Richard Aedy on Radio National’s ‘Media Report’. Listen here.

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Homepage graphs reveal social approach

Our analysis of the shareability of articles on the world’s leading news sites has revealed distinct profiles that reflect different editorial strategies. The most striking example is Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed’s content is created to share. And this core purpose is evident in the shape of the graph below. The graph shows the share counts of all stories published […]

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Hello Vera

Occasionally we like to surprise readers with a post. Four months since Hal revealed the real story behind the jumpers for penguins on Phillip Island, an encounter with a Channel Nine personality has brought the Share Wars bear out of hibernation. This post documents only a small part of the encounter, one that reveals a kind-of-secret history […]

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Share Wars on Radio National

An audio interview with Hal Crawford on how journalism is full of lazy thinking and why the audience is always right. With Richard Aedy on the ABC’s Media Report. Listen here.  

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Share Wars for the Walkley Foundation

Here is the ultimate Share Wars listicle – 10 things you need to know about sharing stories – written for the Walkley Foundation magazine/site. It pretty well sums up the project to date in 10 action-packed paragraphs. Read it here.

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Share Wars on the road: UTS journalism school

A response to Twitter comments from UTS journalism students during our presentation on Monday, April 29, 2013.

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Another look at the Facebook leaderboard

In August, we published the Facebook sharing rankings for Australian news sites, counting all stories that earned 100 or more Facebook shares. The top five was: Ninemsn news News.com.au SMH.com.au The Age Herald Sun Recently we went back to the data to count total Facebook shares (likes, comments, shares) by adding the long tail of stories that received […]

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Twitter v Facebook Australian news site social media sharing.

Facebook v Twitter

We need to talk about Twitter.  Specifically, we need to talk about the relative power of Twitter and Facebook. The graph below totals all shares of 260,000-odd stories published to Australian news sites and it paints a stark picture. In the Share Wars, Facebook is the weapon to master.  While Twitter is obviously influential, particularly among media […]

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