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Marking the Moment: When it comes, the Pistorius verdict will likely be shared widely.

How priming can give you the social edge

The easy thing about working with our data is it’s retrospective. We’re neatly classifying stories that have already happened. A more difficult mission is to predict what will share in real time as stories are written and distributed through the news ecosystem. We’re working through our current crop of data with the aim of doing just that – establishing a replicable framework […]

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Jim Stynes thumbnail

Marking the Moment – the death of Jim Stynes

Jim Stynes spent his final moments with his wife and two children. It was an intimate end to a very public two-and-a-half year battle with cancer. As understandably private as it was, Stynes’ death was also an event of the people. Australians were determined to mark it and remember the life of one of Australia’s greatest […]

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How Share Wars categorizes stories

The first data collection period of the Share Wars project ran from March-June 2012. In that period we tracked every article published on the homepages of 118 global news sites. We tracked the articles’ share counts at regular intervals over a 24-hour period – on Facebook, Twitter and a few other social networks. In total we […]

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Still from Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on the brain

The Share Wars team faces two big challenges as it continues to analyse the data capture from last year. First, the practicalities of getting our arms (and heads) around a data set of several million stories has tested our Excel “skills” and the processing power of Excel itself. Even more challenging has been the development […]

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This awesome boy made $11,000 for his dad

How to make contagious content

We have been investigating the essence of shareability in news content for just over a year. After collecting data on a lot of shared content, both within ninemsn and from other publishers, we have developed certain rules of thumb for shareable content creation. We do not claim to have a single, consistent recipe for creating […]

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Who is the ‘share-est’ of them all?

This project is called Share Wars because we believe social media sharing is the main battlefront in the war for audiences of digital content. Whoever wins the “sharing battle” will win the war for eyeballs. For now, most Australian news organisations get more traffic from Google than Facebook but the gap is closing. Facebook traffic […]

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An interview with Talking Digital

I answered a few questions from Ben Shepherd, Commercial Director at Sound Alliance, on his Talking Digital blog this week, covering the Olympics, The Voice and the power of social. Here’s a taste: “Understanding the way social distribution works, where the levers are and when to pull them are essential components of the producer skill set.  Sharing […]

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When sharing turns bad

You don’t often see this on the Share Wars engine. The graph above shows one story dwarfing all others on the most shared list for the Daily Mail site last week. It was a cracker of a yarn about a proposed law allowing Egyptian men to have sex with their wives up to six hours […]

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Combination of loyal owner and stuck horse was dynamite

Most-shared Australian stories this week

The tendency of social networks to promote themselves is seen clearly in this week’s most shared stories from Australian publishers. Stories about Facebook changing conditions of service, or intruding on privacy, always do well. Google’s pervasive use also guarantees it a top spot. One of the most interesting stories in this list is news.com.au’s “Meet the […]

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A classic reverse: a frog hitches a ride on a snake

The reverse

Around a third of ninemsn’s most shared stories of the last year contain “a reverse”: a situation where the opposite of the expected has occurred. There’s nothing deep or mysterious about the reverse. It appears in traditional journalism – “man bites dog” – and has a power that enhances all types of factual storytelling. Think […]

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