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Who is the ‘share-est’ of them all?

This project is called Share Wars because we believe social media sharing is the main battlefront in the war for audiences of digital content. Whoever wins the “sharing battle” will win the war for eyeballs. For now, most Australian news organisations get more traffic from Google than Facebook but the gap is closing. Facebook traffic […]

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An interview with Talking Digital

I answered a few questions from Ben Shepherd, Commercial Director at Sound Alliance, on his Talking Digital blog this week, covering the Olympics, The Voice and the power of social. Here’s a taste: “Understanding the way social distribution works, where the levers are and when to pull them are essential components of the producer skill set.  Sharing […]

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Combination of loyal owner and stuck horse was dynamite

Most-shared Australian stories this week

The tendency of social networks to promote themselves is seen clearly in this week’s most shared stories from Australian publishers. Stories about Facebook changing conditions of service, or intruding on privacy, always do well. Google’s pervasive use also guarantees it a top spot. One of the most interesting stories in this list is news.com.au’s “Meet the […]

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A classic reverse: a frog hitches a ride on a snake

The reverse

Around a third of ninemsn’s most shared stories of the last year contain “a reverse”: a situation where the opposite of the expected has occurred. There’s nothing deep or mysterious about the reverse. It appears in traditional journalism – “man bites dog” – and has a power that enhances all types of factual storytelling. Think […]

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The splendid library at Columbia University

Anti-social networking and the madness of New York

The best speaker at Columbia University’s recent Social Media Weekend in New York was a photographer who didn’t seem to care much about social media at all. Rick Smolan, the man behind the “Day in a Life” series of photographic books from the 1980s, displayed a kind of laid-back sincerity that in the context of […]

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A dog is painted as a baby giant panda at Dahe Mincui Park in Zhengzhou, Henan Province of China.

Parents suck, pass it on

Facebook’s most-shared list for US news in 2011 is a mix of the quirky, awe-inspiring and shocking. It’s the same sort of material we’ve seen shared at ninemsn this year: tsunami pictures, loyal dogs, tributes to Steve Jobs, stories about Facebook and bizarre weather events. What we have not seen in our study of ninemsn […]

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Ilustration of telegraph poles installation.

Facebook’s big PR weapons: me and you

When we talk about a story going viral on social media, it invokes the image of a pathogen spreading exponentially among unwitting hosts. In reality, people sharing on social media are active publishers making decisions about what to share based on many factors. These include their understanding of their audience’s needs, the image they want to project, their level […]

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Likeable engine report

Introducing the Likeable engine

One of the key planks of the Share Wars project is that sharing through social networks changes news media by passing stories through a personal filter. Only stories that people want to share make it through that filter and benefit from the massive power of social networks as a distribution channel. As social networks become […]

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The cover from Jeff Jarvis's new book Public Parts

Jeff Jarvis on why Facebook beats paywalls

Many news publishers have invested heavily in iPad apps during the last 12 months. Their strategy is to create a premium environment, removed from the chaos and clutter of the internet, where readers can settle down with their daily digital newspaper. In return, these readers will pay a small subscription fee that allows venerable mastheads […]

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Damian's Twitter page

Is Damian an omen for mainstream media?

Changing channels: Damian gets his news on Twitter. A well-informed colleague of Share Wars doesn’t read newspapers or look at news website homepages anymore. Aged 33, @Damian78 grew up reading papers and spent his 20s on websites and blogs. Through the 1990s, his staples were The Australian and The Sydney Morning Herald. Now, he uses Twitter […]

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